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Cover of the illustrated male pony slave storybook bonded male pony slave available from battle annals


extract from the male pony slave illustrated storybook bonded male pony slave available from battle annals



Mercedes Hernandes was the Grand daughter of Roseanne Hernandes the famous human equestrian trainer. Like her Mother and Grand Mother before she was a proud member of the human equestrian club. Roseanne Hernandes had found the World Human Equestrian Training Society, (WHETS). It was based in a remote region of Mexico but with members and affiliates all over the world. Mercedes had been around human pony slaves all the life and was used to the notion, it was natural to her, for rich discerning elite people to own their own human pony slaves. She’d helped her mother and Grand Mother train many over the years as she grew up and matured into the beautiful eighteen-year-old heiress she now was.

Mercedes Hernandes was a beautiful eighteen year-old girl. She had a slim athletic body from constant exercise and good living. She had a pretty face with light brown skin with clear Espanic features. It was her eighteenth birthday, her coming of age and into maturity. She had received many expensive presents from friends and family but her most special present came from Roseanne Hernandes, her Grand Mother. She had presented Mercedes with her first, very own human pony slave. Roseanne Hernandes had very high hopes and aspirations for her Grand daughter. She was convinced Mercedes would do well in the World Human Equestrian Training Society, and she was also convinced that Mercedes would one day take over running the society from her.

With that notion clearly in mind, she had presented Mercedes with her first human pony slave. She chose carefully and deliberately, opting for a colt or male pony slave. They were no where near as common as mares or female pony slaves. There was a perception in WHETS that colts where more difficult to train and control than mares. Roseanne Hernandes didn’t share this belief, having successfully trained several colts over the years. She preferred the challenge a human male pony slave or colt offered. Their were numerous male pony slaves owned by WHETS members but only a much smaller number of colt, the majority being geldings. A gelding had its testicles removed, a colt did not. Gelding a male pony slave, definitely made it more compliant and submissive.

Yet Roseanne Hernandes believed you lost a lot of the spirit and top edge performance along with the pony’s testicles. Gelding male pony slaves was the norm in WHETS predominantly to make them more obedient but also because many female members of WHETS enjoyed gelding their male pony slaves. With a male it was the ultimate control and sacrifice on their part to lose their testicles, not that as slave they had any say in the matter. What better way to show mastery of a man or male pony slave than by taking away his testicles the symbol of his male identity. Roseanne Hernandes, did not disagree with this opinion she had many geldings herself and loved to the look of abject horror on their face was she ordered them to be gelded.

However she knew she could have more fun, and get more from her colts by teasing and torturing their testicles, using them against them. She couldn’t understand the notion of throwing away such a natural control feature. A colt’s testicles were delicate and very sensitive, responding to pain or pleasure in equal gusto. All men enjoyed a light level of pain applied to their testicles finding it sexually stimulating, some delighted in high levels of testicle abuse and pain, colts were no different. Roseanne knew she could use pain and excitement on a colt’s testicles to aid and enhance her training and performance of her colt. She had done her best to install these ideas in Mercedes her Grand daughter a she was growing up.

The gift of the colt was hopefully the next step in her development as human equestrian trainer. How she performed, training her new pony slave would be crucial in establishing whether she was to be then next matriarch of WHETS. A colt needed special handling and subtleties to bring out their best. Roseanne had chosen well buying an ex Russian athlete. Since the end of the USSR and communism Russian and the eastern block countries could not afford their large teams of Olympic athletes. The older and less capable were sold off to secret societies in the west like WHETS. In fact the USSR was the prime supplier of human pony slaves both mares and colts. Her choice was an older Russian gymnast still very good but not young enough to make the squad any longer and not good enough to become a coach.

Yuri was twenty-nine years old six foot tall with a beautiful athletic build. He had blonde hair and a handsome face. Although in the latter part of his gymnastic career he was a fit and capable athlete, ideally suited to being a male pony slave. Russia and ex-eastern bloc countries had too many athletes like Yuri so selling some of them into slavery was a great way of getting western currency. WHETS was by far and large their best customer. They all owed too much to the state for their years of expensive training and pampered luxury, if they could repay that with success on the field or on mats then being sold as slaves was just as lucrative.

The authorities maintained that all the athletes sold into slavery had done so in full knowledge and voluntarily. The fact that each athlete was given a stark choice by their failure to win Olympic medals. They could opt to be sold as slaves to rich western owners, knowing their families would be provided for. Or they could live a life of poverty, condemning their families as well. Very few if any ever refused to take up the offer and sacrifice. Any that did where simply sold anyway and painfully persuaded to tell their families they had volunteered for their good and the good of the country. Yuri was certainly no exception, he chose to accept the offer and hence found himself sold off to Roseanne Hernandes.

With Mercedes birthday party in full swing Roseanne ushered Mercedes into a side room. “Well Mercedes are you enjoying your birthday now you have come of age?”, Roseanne asked her grand daughter. “Yes is absolutely smashing, I’ve had lots of lovely presents”, Mercedes replied. “Oh yes and thank you for your present”, she added. “Well I’m sure you will put the riding tackle and sulky cart to good use”, Roseanne said. “Oh you bet I will”, Mercedes replied. “I’ll borrow one of your ponies to christen both”, she added. “Yes its time you did start to train your own pony slave”, Roseanne said. “To that end I have an extra present or you”, she added. “Ooooh, what’s that?”, Mercedes asked in excitement. “See for yourself, I have left it for you in stables”, Roseanne replied. “I’m sure you will put it to good use”, she added. Roseanne left her grand daughter in the room alone.

Mercedes stood there alone for a few minutes trying to think what could be waiting for her in the stables. It had to be a pony slave her own pony slave she was sure. But what sort, a young novice in need of full training or an older, well trained mount. Probably on older, well trained mount, it would be more practical for her first very own pony slave. She knew her Grand mother Roseanne thought a lot of her and was sure she would make a great human equestrian trainer to rival or be even better than herself. Not that her mother wasn’t very accomplished human equestrian trainer in her own right she was. Yet there were human equestrian trainers and Roseanne Hernandes. It was cheering that the famous Roseanne Hernandes thought Mercedes potentially good enough to be her equal and ultimately her replacement.

Mercedes changed into her riding attire. She knew she wouldn’t ride her pony this late in the evening, but she wanted to give the right impression to her new pony slave on their first meeting. She knew that first impressions were important between trainer and pony. Mercedes dressed in full riding gear. A dark blue velvet jacket, white jodhpurs, knee length shiny leather black boots, with gleaming and sparkling spurs a black riding hat and a standard riding crop.

All theses thoughts went round and round in Mercedes head as she made her way to the stables. When she got to the stable block it was dark, save for light coming from one at the far end on the right hand side. There were ten stables two rows of five, facing each other. The top door of the last one on the right was open and light was emanating from within. Mercedes paced towards it her boots clicking on the cobblestones that lined the walkway between the stables. She reached the half-open stable door and peered in. Mercedes couldn’t see anything inside the stable past the doorframe, it was dark outside and the light in stable dazzled her eyes. Mercedes slid the bolt back on the bottom stable door and pushed it open, she stepped through, pushed it closed and bolted it.

When her eyes got used to the light she looked round the stable and wondered where her new pony was. She looked round again and saw a foot in a pile of straw. Her pony was still unconscious not yet recovered from the tranquillisers used to sedate it while in transport. She stepped closer and looked down in the pile of straw. Staring closer she saw more naked flesh more of the Pony Slaves leg it had fine blonde hair over it. My god it’s a male pony slave, it must be with that amount of body hair, Mercedes thought to herself. As she carried on looking, she caught a glimpse of the pony’s flaccid penis and scrotum, both sporting more of the soft blonde hair. It is indeed a male pony slave, and a colt Mercedes thought, excitement running through her body.

Clearly Roseanne had high hopes and aspirations for Mercedes and had purposely made sure her Grand daughter’s first pony was a male pony slave, not a gelding or a castrate, a fully-fledged colt. Mercedes was eager to see more of her male pony slave, but she controlled her excitement and knew it would be better in the morning. Yes, much more fun with her new pony slave, fully awake and attentive. Reluctantly Mercedes walked to the stable door, switched off the light and closed the stable door behind her. Let my new pony slave rest in peace, at least for tonight, Mercedes thought as she made her way back to the house. She went straight to her room not back to the party.

Mercedes woke early the next morning and had breakfast alone. She dressed in he riding gear again, dark blue velvet jacket, white jodhpurs, knee length shiny leather black boots, black velvet riding hat. She finally attached a set spurs to each boot heel. The stainless steel spurs glistened brightly, reflecting the early morning sun shining through the window. Selecting a suitable riding crop from her collection she set off for the stables. Mercedes quickly made her way to the same stable she had visited last night, the one that contained her new human pony slave.

She was certain her slave would be awake now and she was eager to get a better look at it. It wasn’t every day that an eighteen year-old girl got a human male pony slave for a birthday present. Mercedes opened the top half of the stable door, letting daylight flood into the stable. She heard rustling movement from the pile straw inside. Her pony slave was awake. “Morning little Pony”, Mercedes said opening the bottom half of the door and stepping through. “Time to get up and meet your knew mistress”, she added as she watched her pony slave emerge from the straw. Her pony slave looked older than she thought he would be as he was a novice, being drugged for transportation. He looking around thirty, much older than most ponies started their equestrian careers, yet not that unusual, many female trainers and owners had older male pony slaves. Many prided themselves on their mature male pony slaves having ensnared and enslaved them willingly or not. Surprisingly enough willingly was more satisfying and admired in the human equestrian society.

“Stand up”, Mercedes ordered. Her male pony slave stood up as ordered if a little reluctantly. He was clearly uneasy about being naked in front of a young woman, a fully clothed young woman. This was something he would quickly get used to, one way or another. Mercedes sensed hesitation, not defiance. Although a novice her new pony would have received some elementary training and knew enough not to disobey an order. “You are a new pony, …. untrained?”, the pony nodded his head in reply. “Good I will enjoy training you to perfection”, Mercedes said lightly tapping her pony slaves chest with the end of her crop. “Mmmm you have potential little pony much potential”, Mercedes said looking him up and down.

Her new male pony slave was taller than her, even in her riding boots. He was blonde with an athletic muscular body more like gymnast or a runner. His skin was light and his chest, arms and legs covered in light blonde hairs. Mercedes suspected her new pony slave was Russian or one of the old East European ex soviet satellite states. Most of the societies new pony slaves’ came from Russian or the old soviet satellite countries. Yet, Mercedes was sure he was Russian from his looks. Mercedes stood in the sunlight shining through the open door. Her new pony slave stood in half shadow in a pile of straw.

“Move into the light, so I can see you better”, Mercedes ordered. “Stand there by the post” she added. Her pony slave obeyed, moved round and stood in front of her by the post now fully illuminated in the sunlight coming through the door. “Yes that’s better I can see you properly now little pony”, Mercedes said. “Hands behind your back legs apart”, Mercedes commanded. “Don’t move”, she said moving behind him. Mercedes picked up the end of a rope tied to the post behind her pony slave. Mercedes slipped the end of it round his neck fastening it in a knot behind his neck. Mercedes then noticed a envelope pinned to the post of the stable door. Mercedes opened the envelope and as she thought it contained information on her new male pony slave.

Yuri was indeed Russian. He was twenty-nine ex Olympic gymnast 5’11”, 180 lb. He was a stallion as yet ungelded, with cock that was seven inches when fully erect according to the information pack. His cock at the moment was nothing like that size, it was flaccid and relaxed, although Mercedes thought it had had grown a little larger while her naked pony slave stood in front of her. He had a handsome body and face and looked the part of an Olympic gymnast. Roseanne her Grand mother had chosen well, Yuri would be a good pony slave for her, she would make sure of it. Mercedes pocked the envelope and letter stood in front of Yuri, both hands holding her riding crop out in front of her. She stared silently at Yuri as he stood there, careful not to catch her gaze or look directly at her.

“Your name was Yuri, and you were an Olympic gymnast?”, Mercedes asked. “Yes mistress”, Yuri replied. “Well you are my pony slave now”, Mercedes said. “I think I will let you keep your name, Yuri is a good name for a colt”, Mercedes added. “Are you happy to be my pony slave Yuri?”, Mercedes asked. “Yes mistress”, Yuri replied. “Are you now”, Mercedes said with smile. “We shall see, …. we shall see”, she added. Mercedes paced back and forth in front of her pony slave looking him up and down assessing every inch of his naked body. “Well Yuri you have a fit, athletic body and you certainly look the part of a human pony slave”, Mercedes said. “A mature experienced athlete like you will make a champion pony slave”, she added.

Mercedes nodded indicating he could reply. “Thanks you mistress, … I will do my best for you”, Yuri replied. “Of course you will, I expect nothing less and will accept nothing less”, Mercedes stated. “There will be punishment for failures and rewards for success”, she added tapping the palm of left hand with the riding crop. Mercedes nodded again allowing Yuri to speak. “As a Russian Olympic athlete I am used to rewards and punishments mistress”, Yuri said. “I’m sure you are pony slave but my punishments will be or physical and all painful”, Mercedes said. “But equally my reward will be physical and pleasant”, she added, with another nod. “Whatever my mistress wishes to do to me she will, and I will accept it"” Yuri stated. All very true not that you have a choice pony slave, remember that”, Mercedes stated.

“Yes Yuri, I see the potential in you, the potential of a champion”, Mercedes said. “If you do become a champion for you there will be a chance t go to stud”, she added. “Thank you mistress, I will endeavour not to fail you”, Yuri replied. “You look well equipped for stud, pony slave”, Mercedes said taking hold of Yuri’s flaccid cock and lifting it up so she could see his scrotum hanging between his legs. “Of course being eligible for stud depends on being capable of going to stud, a lot can happen to a pony slave in training”, Mercedes added. Mercedes squeezed the head of Yuri’s cock peeling the foreskin right back exposing his slick cock head. She smiled as her pony slave’s cock stiffened between her fingers and he couldn’t stop fidgeting.

Mercedes tickled her pony slave’s cock head making his cock stiffen even more, she didn’t stop until she had him fully erect. “My little pony responds well”, Mercedes said. Mercedes released her pony slave'’ erect cock and clasped his scrotum. She felt her pony slave'’ body tension as she clasped his balls. Mercedes rolled her pony slaves balls around softly in her hand making his hard cock twitch with excitement. Mercedes started to squeeze in stead, applying pressure to her pony slave'’ balls. She saw his body flinch as she increased the pressure and pain. Mercedes slowly increased the pressure in a test of his endurance and obedience daring him move his hands from behind his back to protect his balls. "Good pony"” Mercedes said releasing her pony slave'’ balls and stepping back.

She looked at Yuri his face was flushed and he was struggling to stand up straight, the pain in his balls making him want to double over. Her eyes looked at her pony slave’s groin his cock was now even bigger poking out from his groin dark and pumped up with excited blood. “I am pleased with you little pony”, Mercedes said. “I like my colt’s to be erect”, she added. Yuri’s face flushed a little deeper, and his hard cock showed no signs of softening. “OK pony I think we will start your training straight away”, Mercedes said. “Running on the spot”, she added. Yuri started to run to the spot, while Mercedes his mistress stood beside him watching. Yuri had never exercised naked before or with an erection and it felt strange running on the spot nude, with his hard cock jutting out from his groin. “Good, little pony but faster”, Mercedes said. “Lift you knees”, she ordered.

Yuri ran faster raising his knees with every step. “Higher, get those knees higher”, Mercedes commanded with a light tap of her crop to her pony slave’s buttocks. Yuri winced as he was cut across the naked buttocks with his mistress’s riding crop. Although the blow was light he felt it and it hurt, his tight sensitive buttocks. Yuri increased his speed and raised his knees even higher. “That’s better much better, little pony”, Mercedes said. “But keep that cock up as well”, she added, laying another light stroke of her crop across her pony slave’s buttocks. Yuri winced again and his cock that had softened while he ran started to stiffen again.

Yuri was soon panting from the exertion and unusual high kneed running action. His cock quickly stiffened back to full erection in anticipation of more strokes across the buttocks. His balls were still sore from the squeezing his mistress and given them and as he ran the jiggled around between his legs increasing the dull ache with every step. Yuri’s erection, his aching balls and strange high kneed action quickly sapped his strength and he was soon struggling to keep up a good pace. Any reduction in his pace was rewarded with a cut of the riding crop across his buttocks. His buttock now sported half a dozen or more light, red welts. “OK, little pony stop and rest”, Mercedes ordered. Yuri gladly stopped and stood there panting, sweat glistening on his body. “Not a bad first effort little pony”, Mercedes said. “For a complete novice”, she added.

“See these Yuri they are part of your harness and bridal, all pony slaves wear leather harness and bridal”, Mercedes said indicating the black leather attachments hanging on the post, The larger had gleaming bells and jangled with every movement. “While every pony slave wears, them every pony slave has to earn them, just like you Yuri”, Mercedes said. “They are pretty and complement a pony slaves appearance”, she added. Yuri looked at the bridal and harness and couldn’t see anything pretty or attractive about them. “I now what you are thinking Yuri, but they do make a pony slave look good”, Mercedes said reading his thoughts. “There is something sensual and pleasing about naked flesh and minimal black leather”, she added. Mercedes untied the rope from the post and led Yuri out side the stable to the small round fenced enclosure.

“You will grow to like and be proud of your leathers Yuri believe me you will”, Mercedes said as she led him to the round, fenced enclosure. “After you have earned it of course until then you will make do with a simple rope”, she added leading him in through the gate of the round enclosure. Mercedes left Yuri standing by the outer fence rail and walked to the centre, still holding the other end of the rope tied round Yuri’s neck. “OK I want three laps as fast as you can little pony. Yuri started to run, quite slowly at first as he was stiff from lying on the hard floor of the stable with only straw soften his bed. “Faster, I know you can do better than that, ….. you’re an athlete”, Mercedes ordered snapping her horse crop in the air. Yuri increased his pace for the second lap, but it still wasn’t fast enough for Mercedes. “Faster”, she ordered, tugging on the rope round Yuri’s neck, and flicking the horse crop in his direction as a warning.

Yuri ran faster for the third and what he thought would be his last lap. However Mercedes was not impressed. “Don’t stop do another three laps, and run this time”, Mercedes ordered, brandishing her horse crop at him. Yuri completed the next three laps much quicker at a faster pace, as the stiffness in his leg muscles had eased. Yuri was finding it difficult to run bare foot on the hard ground. Mercedes was still not satisfied and ordered Yuri to run another three laps. “Your best speed this time, or you’ll be sorry”, she warned holding the horse crop menacingly. Yuri ran as fast a he could and as fast as he could on the hard ground with bare feet. Fortunately Mercedes seemed satisfied this time. “OK, that’s enough for now”, Mercedes said. “We need to get you some shoes, so you can run properly”, she added. Yuri was relieved, if he was forced to run bare foot his feet would blister.

“OK, time for your first present little pony”, Mercedes said. “A trip to the saddle maker to get you some shoes”, she added. Mercedes led Yuri the saddle maker’s workshop, where the saddle maker fitted him with a pair if leather boots. They were made of black leather, with wooden bottoms. Iron hoops, the equivalent of horseshoes, had been nailed to the heels and soles. Mercedes made Yuri walk round the saddle maker’s workshop until the saddle maker and herself were satisfied the boots were a good fit. Mercedes thanked the saddle maker and led Yuri out of his workshop. “How do you like your new shoes, little pony?”, Mercedes asked as she led Yuri back to the round training enclosure, lightly laying the horse crop on his bare thigh. “They are very nice thank you mistress”, Yuri replied, a little startled at the touch of the horse crop on his naked thigh. He felt a tingle run down his spine as he replied, knowing he was complying with his en-slavery, ever mindful of who was holding the whip hand.

When they reached the round training enclosure, Mercedes commanded Yuri to stop. “Put your hands behind your back little pony”, Mercedes ordered. “Hands together over the small of your back”, Mercedes added. Yuri obeyed putting his arms behind his back and clasping his right wrist with his left hand over the small of his back. “Good, now hold still while I tie your wrists together”, Mercedes said as she bound Yuri’s wrists together with rope. “You won’t have your hands free if I’m riding you or you are pulling a cart, this will help you get used to not having the use of your arms”, she added. Yuri’s cock that had softened on the walk back from the saddle maker started to stiffen again as he stood before his mistress naked, save for his new boots, hands tied behind his back rendering him defenceless. Of course as a human pony slave he would not have dared to try and defend himself, if his owner chose to punish or tease him.

“Raise your foot, little pony”, Mercedes ordered. Yuri raised his right leg lifting up allowing Mercedes to inspect his new boot. Mercedes held Yuri’s right boot between her legs while she inspected the iron rings nailed to the bottom of his boot, just like she would inspect the hoof and horse shoe of a horse. “Yes this is fine workmanship and the feel of the fit is perfect”, Mercedes said as she inspected Yuri’s right boot. “OK, now the left one, little pony”, Mercedes said dropping Yuri’s right boot. Yuri raised his left leg and Mercedes placed it between her legs and inspected it. “Yes, little pony, they are both fine”, Mercedes said. “You will now be able to and will run properly for me now”, she added. She led Yuri back into the round training enclosure.

“Run”, Mercedes ordered and walked to the centre of the round enclosure. Yuri set off, running round the enclosure, while Mercedes stood in the centre, holding the rope tied round his neck. “Faster”, Mercedes barked flicking her horse crop, as Yuri trotted round the enclosure. Yuri increased his pace, the boots made it much easier to run. Mercedes let Yuri do a few laps at a brisk trot, then ordered him to run faster. Yuri ran faster his leg muscles now responded as they eased into running after his long cramped journey. “That’s much better little pony”, Mercedes said as Yuri ran much faster, for the last two laps. “But lets see what you can do when you really try”, Mercedes said, horse crop at the ready. Yuri responded, almost running flat out, for several laps until Mercedes ordered him to stop. “Well done little pony not a bad start”, Mercedes said as Yuri stood panting from the exertion, sweat beaded on his naked body. “You have done well”, she added walking over to where he stood and tapping his naked thigh with the horse crop.

“OK little pony lets return to your stables I have ordered some bridal wear for you from the saddler”, Mercedes said leading Yuri out of the small round training coral. Mercedes made Yuri trot briskly back to his stable keeping in step all the way. “Rest for a few minutes, …. I’ll be back with the saddler soon”, Mercedes said to Yuri as she left him in the stable. “I would take a drink and some fodder now if I were you, you will need it for what I have install for you later little pony”, Mercedes said over the stable door as she closed it. Yuri sat down in the straw and looked round the stable. There was a broom and two buckets against one wall one filled with water for drinking or cleaning the other presumably for use as a toilet. There was a hose for cleaning down the stable and blankets on the floor beside the straw for him to sleep on.

There was a large low troth on the far wall divided into two halves both were empty. Hanging on a post, were two sets of leather harnesses. The larger one had bright shiny steel slay bells on them, Yuri surmised it must be a body harness. The smaller was clearly a head harness as it had what appeared to be a scaled down bit attached to it the same as went into a horses mouth, it had been scaled down to fit a human mouth. The only other discernible thing in the stable was a bulkhead light fitting on one of the support beams. Yuri believed it was for the stable hands use in the dark, not his comfort as he was only classed as a animal now maybe even less than an animal as a human pony slave. Eat and drink Yuri thought to himself, there was the water in the bucket but there was no food unless he was meant to eat straw. Yuri wondered if he should help himself to some water from the bucket, then thought better of it. He decided to wait and see what happened.

Yuri didn’t have to wait long as it turned out. He heard foot steps coming towards the stable and someone whistling. A female head and upper body appeared over the stable door, it was female stable girl. “Hi little pony I bet you are hungry and thirsty”, the stable girl said. Yuri looked up at her in shock, she was young, even younger than his mistress. He nodded and blushed, embarrassed about being naked in front of her, but realised as a human pony slave he would have to get used to the idea. She opened the lower stable door and came in carrying two buckets, one was filled with water as Yuri could see it slopping over the sides. “My you are a handsome pony, a colt, not gelded yet”, the stable girl said taking a long look at Yuri’s naked body. “The word gelded sent a shiver off fear running down Yuri’s spine. “My name is Geraldine”, the stable girl said.

Yuri looked at Geraldine she was very pretty with a but beautifully curved body. She wore as tight fitting white blouse with no bra on underneath her nipples poking through the thin cotton. White jodhpurs, and knee high black highly polished riding boots. “I’ve brought you some oats and water”, Geraldine said. Yuri scarcely heard what Geraldine said, he was staring at her lovely breasts and hard erect nipples, visible through her tight fitting white blouse. “Aren’t you hungry and thirsty then little pony?”, Geraldine asked. “I’ll take this away if you don’t want them”, she added. “Uh,, please I am both hungry and thirsty mistress”, Yuri replied emerging from his day dream of staring at the stable girl’s hard nipples poking though her blouse. “Very well”, Geraldine said putting the bucket of water down and emptying the bucket of oats into the right hand half of the low troth. She poured half the bucket of water in the left hand half of the low troth. The rest of the bucket of water was poured in with the oats. Geraldine mixed them together to form a thin cold gruel.

“There you go little pony enjoy your meal”, Geraldine said leaving with the to empty buckets, and closing the lower stable door after her. Yuri stared at the unappetising looking cold gruel mixture. He didn’t fancy eating it but he had nothing else to eat and he was sure if he didn’t eat it, he would be punished. To make matters worst injury Yuri had to kneel on all fours like and animal to eat and drink from the low troth. Then to add insult to injury he had to lap up the food and drink like a dog using his tongue. The gruel tasted as bland and as unappetising as it looked but Yuri forced himself to eat as much as he could of it. It took a lot of water to clear the taste and the sticky gruel out of his mouth. Having eaten and drunk Yuri rested in the straw until Mercedes his Mistress return. Yuri contemplated his fate as he lay in the straw waiting. He supposed he should be thankful Geraldine had brought him something to eat and drink even if it was the horrible gruel mixture. The one thing Yuri was thankful for was that Geraldine hadn’t noticed his erection caused by him staring at her erect nipples poking through her thin blouse.

At that moment Yuri heard his Mistress’s Mercedes boots clicking as she walked towards his stable. Yuri had just managed to scramble to his feet as Mercedes entered the stable, she was accompanied by the saddle maker who was carrying a strange looking saddle. “Hi little pony we are here to fit you with your harness and saddle. “I’m sure it will fit fine Miss when his head and body harness are fitted”, the saddle maker said to Mercedes. “I’ll attend to that that bit is easy”, Mercedes replied. “You just make sure the saddle fits and is useable”, Mercedes added. “I will Miss don’t worry”, the saddle maker replied. “Stand still little pony while I fit your head harness”, Mercedes said taking the smaller black leather harness from the peg on the wall. Mercedes slipped the head harness over Yuri’s head, buckling it in place at the back of Yuri’s head.

It basically consisted of two leather bands one running horizontally around the top of Yuri’s head in the middle of his forehead. The other running vertically around Yuri’s head and under his chin. They were joined where they crossed over just above Yuri’s ears. Two smaller bands ran from either side just below Yuri’s ears these were linked by the metal bit that went in his mouth. There wee two rings on the end of these smaller bands where reins could be attached. “That looks good little pony”, Mercedes said popping the bit inside Yuri’s mouth. “Now for your body harness”, she added removing it from its peg on the wall.

Mercedes slipped the body harness over Yuri’s right arm, then his left arm, and then buckled it up behind his back. The body harness consisted of a leather strap that went around Yuri’s chest and two straps either end, running from the front over his shoulder and connecting to the back. “Perfect fit, if I do say so myself”, Mercedes said as she checked Yuri body and head harnesses she’d just fitted. The harnesses were made of shiny polished black leather. There were shiny bells that jingled every time Yuri moved sewn on his body harness. Three on each shoulder strap and four across the front if the chest strap. “OK now its your turn to fit the saddle”, Mercedes said to the saddle maker. “OK it will only take a few moments”, the saddle maker replied.

The saddle was the same shape as horses saddle but shorter with just enough room for the rider to sit on. It also differed in another couple of ways how it was fitted. It had two straps that attached to the body harness of the human pony. A larger, thicker, length of leather that formed part of the saddle and was long enough to attach to the back of the human pony’s body harness. The saddle was connected to this and hung down behind the human pony’s back about level with their lower back. The rider would sit on the saddle while the human pony stood waiting. The rider would raise their legs and place them ether side of their human pony’s hips. The human pony would hold their rider’s legs up with their hands under the backs of the rider’s thighs as they carried them.

“Done”, the saddle maker standing back when he’d finished attaching the saddle to Yuri’s body harness. “Well it looks alright, but we will need to test it outside first”, Mercedes said inspecting the saddle as it hung from Yuri’s body harness behind his back. “It will be fine I assure you”, the saddle maker replied. “Come little pony time to try out your new saddle”, Mercedes said leading Yuri out of the stable followed by the saddle maker. “OK little pony stand still while I get on the saddle”, Mercedes ordered as she stood behind Yuri. “Yes Mistress”, Yuri replied standing up straight hands at his side. “Bend your knees”, Mercedes ordered. Yuri obeyed, lowering the height of the saddle so Mercedes could stand over it. “Now stand”, Mercedes commanded. Yuri straightened his knees and the saddle came up to sit snugly under Mercedes bum.

“Take my legs in your hands when I raise them”, Mercedes ordered raising her legs off the floor. Yuri stumbled slightly as Mercedes transferred all her weight to the saddle and it tugged on Yuri’s body harness. Yuri managed to shift his position so he could balance while holding Mercedes body weight. Yuri waited while Mercedes raised her legs up either side of his hips. “Hold them up with your hands under the backs of my thighs”, Mercedes ordered. “Not bad, ….. not bad at all”, Mercedes said as she sat on her saddle attached to Yuri and he bore her body weight. “Fetch some reins and attached them please”, Mercedes said to the saddle maker, who seemed relieved Mercedes seemed satisfied with the saddle. He slipped back inside the stable and emerged shortly with a set of reins.

The saddle maker attached each end of the reins to the rings on the ends of the leather straps on Yuri’s head harness that supported the bit between them. Mercedes took hold of he reins tugging softly on them turning Yuri’s head slightly one way then the other. “I take it, it meets your approval?”, the saddle maker asked. “Yes, it seems OK”, Mercedes replied. “If I discover any problems I will let you know she added. The saddle maker nodded and walked away back to his workshop. “OK little pony now for your first riding lesson”, Mercedes said. “If I tug the left hand side of your head harness it means go left, tugging the right means go right”, Mercedes stated. Yuri nodded his head indicating he had understood. “OK little pony all my other orders will be verbal”, Mercedes stated. “OK walk on”, Mercedes commanded.

Yuri took his first faltering steps forward as a human pony slave carrying a human rider. His legs trembled and wobbled under the extra weight, he also struggled to keep his balance as Mercedes on the saddle on his back had altered his centre of gravity. However under Mercedes expert tuition, lots of sharp verbal commands and tugs on his head harness, not to mention several cuts from her horse crop. Yuri had mastered walking with her on his back, turning right and left and could do it quite well by the time they reached the small round training coral. “Well done little pony”, Mercedes said congratulating Yuri for mastering the basics on walking as a pony. He was panting and sweating from the exertion and had several red welts on his right buttock and flank.

Yuri was genuinely pleased himself for making a success of walking as a human pony with his first human rider. His happiness was unmistakable, he was sporting a massive erection. “Yes little pony you have done well and pleased me, you remembered to be hard, you know I like my colts hard”, Mercedes said stroking his cheek as they stood by the entrance to small round training coral. “I ride my colts hard and want them hard while I do it”, she added. “Thank you mistress”, Yuri replied obediently his fully erect cock tingling excitedly as he answered passing another mile stone of his training and conversion to male human pony slave. “OK now the next step Yuri into the coral, …. Walk on”, Mercedes ordered. “Time to see how you can run like this”, she added as Yuri carried her through the small opening into the round training coral.

By Friar FFF Copyright 2007.

This is an extract from a longer story the full version is available from battle-annals and is illustrated by the artist JG

Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Cover of the human female pony slave illustrated storybook Olympic pony girl slave part 2 run pony run available from battle annals


Extract from the human female pony slave illustrated storybook Olympic pony girl slave part 2 run pony run available from battle annals


Olympic Pony Girl Two Run Pony Run

Helen Marston had been and aspiring Olympic athlete a sprint and distance runner. She was very good and expected to do well even a gold medal in the next Olympics for her Country the USA. Helen didn’t come from a wealthy family and found it difficult going through college her athletic scholarship helped but wasn’t enough to cover extra training expenses for the Olympics.

That’s why she jumped at the chance of sponsorship by a well-known rich celebrity and supporter of her college Daphne Dervillier. That’s why she never questioned the offer or thought anything other than it was genuine. But as it turned out it was far from genuine. It was just ruse by Daphne Dervillier to entice Helen Marston who she wanted as her new pony slave. Daphne Dervillier tricked Helen Marston into signing what she thought was a contact for her sponsorship. Once Helen had signed she was drugged tied and taken to Daphne Dervillier’s ranch in Mexico where she was enslaved as Daphne Dervillier’s new human pony girl slave.

Daphne was trained and abused by Daphne Dervillier’s two stable hands Ariel and Annabelle Robertson, twin sisters with a cruel sadistic streak. She was trained, abused and punished into becoming a human pony girl. Daphne Dervillier’s great friend mentor Roseanne Hernandes the one who had introduced Daphne to the joys and frills of human ponies and who really wanted to own Helen. So much so that she challenged Daphne Dervillier to race. Daphne’s champion Helen against her own male champion stallion Diablo.

Daphne Dervillier accepted the challenge not wishing to lose her champion but tempted and excited at the thought of owning her first male pony slave. Also Daphne was quite confident that Helen could win the race, she had responded to training so well. It was a long hard bitterly fought race that left both ponies sexually and physically drained. But in the end Helen just managed to win. Daphne Dervillier was so pleased with Helen for winning for winning her a male pony that she named Helen Golden Blaize. The twins were even happier, they now had a male pony to tease and abuse as well.

That was a few months ago now and Helen had been rigorously trained since then to improve her speed, agility and stamina. She was competing in the human pony societies annual Gymkhana. Helen had done well winning the flat race and coming high in the dressage. She was now competing in the final of the buggy race. Helen gasped sweating freely as he ran as fast as she could pulling Daphne Dervillier in the buggy behind her.

Helen was naked save for her black leather bridle and body harnesses and her black leather knee high boots. Helen’s arms were lashed behind her back and encased in long leather gauntlets that were clipped to the back of her waist belt, keeping her arms securely fastened behind her. Reins trailed from her bridle and were connected to the bit in her mouth, giving Daphne Dervillier directional control over her pony slave. The back of Helen’s waist belt was secured to spars of the small one seater buggy.

Helen gasped as the tip of Daphne Dervillier’s whip lashed against her right thigh. Helen kicked and increased her speed. Her long blonde beautiful hair had been divided into three plumes. One in a ponytail that splayed out of the back of her bridle forming her mane. The other two formed plumes or top knots sticking up in the air, flowing behind as she galloped along. A lot of her blonde hair had been cut off and a fourth plume formed her tail and was attached to large dildo inserted in her arse and kept in place by the straps of her body harness.

Helen’s long blonde tail swished back and forth as she ran moving the dildo excitedly within her arse. Some more of Helen’s blonde hair and been starched and shaped into a decorative brush that adorned the front of her bridle. Two nipple clamps with locks of starched blonde hair hung from Helen'’ fully erect nipples. The nipple clamps swayed and bounced as Helen ran mercilessly teasing her nipples.

Daphne Dervillier and other owners had other devices besides their whips to make their ponies run faster. The dildos inserted in Helens’ cunt and arse had vibrators and electrodes fitted in them and to them, that were controlled from the dashboard of the buggy. Miniature vibrators and electrodes were also built into Helen nipple clamps. The vibrators and electrodes were used to stimulate and shock ponies into running faster. Owners knew that extra adrenaline and strength could be wrung from their ponies when they were forced to ejaculate by the heady mixture of pain and pleasure afforded by the vibrators and electrodes.

Helen was running just behind her opponent, a smaller lighter human pony girl with dark black hair that trailed down her back. Both human ponies had won all their heats quarter and semi-finals and wee now racing head to head for the winner. Daphne Dervillier lashed Helen’s flank again urging her on faster. Helen kicked finding more speed and started to edge ahead of her opponent. Her opponent gasped in pain as her owner whip lashed her hard between the shoulders, she sped up but still couldn’t keep up with Helen who was slowly increasing the gap.

Suddenly Helen’s opponent grunted into her bit as another heavy lash landed on her back. She kicked and sped forward closing the gap and starting to overtake Helen. Helen realised her opponent had been made to come and the extra excitement and adrenaline had given her the increased speed. Helen felt the tingling start in her own cunt and arse, Daphne had powered up the vibrators. They rapidly increased in speed until Helen was gasping with excitement. Another lash to her flanks gave Helene the final spur to kick and shoot forward. She quickly caught up with her opponent and ran along side her, the vibrators increasing in speed all the time. When the vibrations started on her hard erect nipples that were already teased mercilessly by the horse hair nipple clamps it was just too much.

Helen screamed into her bit, as her cunt exploded shooting hot juices all over the large vibrating invader buried deep in her cunt. Another stinging lash to Helen’s thighs brought her to her senses and she sped forward leaving her opponent behind. Her opponent tried to keep up under vicious blows of the whip, but she had peaked too early and was spent. Helen ran on faster increasing the gap until she was full length ahead. Daphne Dervillier let out a whooping cheer knowing they had won the buggy race. Helen kept up her devastating speed and led by a full length for the last furlong and crossed the line first to the great delight of Daphne Dervillier.

Daphne beamed to the cheering crowd as she drove Helen sweating and gasping into the stabling area. They were greeted by a jubilant Annabelle and Ariel who detached Helen from the small buggy and rubbed her down. “Make sure she’s in good shape for the last contest”, Daphne Dervillier said to the twins as she left for the owners stand to gloat. Helen had already scored high in the Dressage and come second in the flat race. Wining the buggy race had put her ahead on points. She only had to win or come second in the obstacle hurdle race and she would win first prize.

Clever pony, good pony”, Ariel said as she rubbed Helen down. “Yes our clever little pony will win for her mistress if she knows what’s good for her”, Annabelle said briskly rubbing the towel over Helen’s erect nipples. Helen gasped the rough towel wickedly teasing her erect nipples. “Yes clever little pony will be well rewarded if she wins”, Ariel said running her hand softly over Helen’s buttocks loving the way Helen flinched at the touch. “But remember little pony you will be very severely punished if you lose”, Annabelle warned twisting Helen right nipple round with her finger.

Helen winced as Annabelle tortured her right nipple. “Rest and drink while you can little pony”, Annabelle said. “Yes you next contest is in thirty minutes”, Ariel stated. “We will be back in twenty five minutes to get you ready”, she added. The twins left the small stable arm in arm and went in search of other human ponies to tease and torture. They left Helen gasping and panting in the stable trying to slow her rapidly beating heart. It was quite cool in the stable but sweat still ran off Helen’s body.

Helen waited several minutes for her rapidly beating heart to slow and her body cool down before she took a long drink from the trough. The water felt good coursing though her veins and she took just enough to slate her thirst before kneeling down in the straw. Helen didn’t lay down with her hands secured behind her back in the harness she couldn’t get up very easily. Helen rested taking the chance to recover before the next event. It seemed to Helen that the twins had hardly left before they were back ordering her on her feet.

Come get up little pony time to get you ready for the hurdle race”, Ariel said. “Yes you must be your best and look your best”, Annabelle said. They washed Helen’s body down with cool water then towelled her dry. The twin then combed Helen’s blond locks ensuring they were as bright and bushy as possible. Finally they polished her black leather body harness and were satisfied. “OK time to take you to Madam Daphne”, Ariel said as she led Helen out of the small stable. “Walk proud little pony head up”, Annabelle ordered. “You’re a champion, behave like one”, she added.

Helen strutted along head held high after Ariel feeling anything but proud. But she knew it was not wise to disobey orders, the twins had fiendish punishments for pony’s that broke their rules. “Faster, head higher”, Annabelle shouted as she ran on after Helen. The twins trotted with Helen leading her to the riders and owners enclosure where Daphne Dervillier was waiting.

Daphne Dervillier stood waiting for her Golden Blaize her pony and smiled when she saw the twins leading her pony towards her. Daphne Dervillier was dressed in her finest equestrian suit of royal blue velvet frock coat, white jodhpurs long black leather boots. She held a long horse crop in her hand. “Thank you girls, you have done a fine job on Golden Blaize”, she said to the twins as they handed her pony over. Daphne believed that to win an owner and pony should not only be the best, they should also look the best.

Walk on we are next”, Daphne Dervillier ordered. Daphne and Helen certainly fitted that description with Helen in her shining black leather harness and boots. Her golden smooth hair arranged in three plumes streaming in the breeze as she trotted forward. Her blonde tail swished back and forth as she trotted along. Helen’s bridle sported a plume of starched blonde hair. Daphne in her fine expensive equestrian clothes completed the effect.

They trotted up to the starting line and stopped. The previous pony was still completing the hurdle course. The pony was thinner and shorter than Helen with dark black hair. Helen watched the other human pony as she cleared hurdle number fifteen she had another five to go and was on a very good time. Her owner walked along with her urging her on with the whip. The pony leapt the eighteenth hurdle and just clipped it with her toe knocking the hurdle over.

The hurdle clattered to the ground, earning the pony four penalty points and nullifying her fast time. The pony didn’t stumble or falter, she cleared the last two hurdles with out mishap. However with four penalty points she had lost all chances of winning the competition. Helen wasn’t very good at hurdling, she preferred to stick to sprinting and distance running. The twins and Daphne Dervillier had drilled Helen in hurdling until she was much better but it didn’t stop her from worrying about it. Helen was very close winning first prize and she didn’t want to lose it on the last event that was not worth thinking about. Hurdling had been difficult when she was at college but now with her arms secured behind her back it was even more tricky. Jumping the hurdles wasn’t made any easier by her knee-high boots with wedge soles and raised heels.

Trot”, Daphne Dervillier ordered. Helen trotted toward the first hurdle a few yards from it she broke into a run and leapt over it. Straight hurdles were difficult enough for Helen but these were set at varying angles and different distances apart. Helen managed the first five hurdles reasonably well only stumbling slightly. The sixth hurdle was very close to the fifth and Helen hesitated for a few seconds trying to get her footing right. “Move faster, Golden Blaize you have to get a good time as well as a clear round”, Daphne Dervillier barked.

Helen kicked and sped up leaping cleanly over hurdle number seven. She gasped as she was halfway over hurdle number seven. Daphne Dervillier’s whip cracked across her back. “Keep you speed up unless you want to feel this whip again”, Daphne Dervillier warned. A line of hot pain erupted across Helen’s back and she nearly stumbled when she touched the ground. Helen ran on towards hurdle number eight not daring to slow her pace. “Better little pony”, Daphne Dervillier said as she ran beside Helen. Helen cleared the next two hurdles all right, the eleventh was tricky and she slowed only to be rewarded with another crack of the whip across her back.

Helen winced as the searing pain across her back made her complete the next five hurdles quickly. Helen approached the eighteenth hurdle mindful that her predecessor clipped it and knocked it over. Helen tried to slow to make sure she could jump it cleanly but Daphne Dervillier’s whip landed on her back urging her on and denying her any drop in speed. With her heart in her mouth Helen leapt over hurdle eighteen and to her great relief cleared it cleanly.

Well done my little pony, two more to go and we on a good time”, Daphne Dervillier said excited at her impending victory. “Two more clear hurdles and no-one can touch us we win for sure”, Daphne Dervillier added as she ran beside Helen as they approached hurdle nineteen. Helen wished that she felt so confident, she was so near, and yet so far. Any other event and Helen would have been brimming with confidence at this point. But hurdles she hated hurdles, she shivered slightly at the prospect of clipping one the next two hurdles.

Whether Daphne Dervillier noticed Helen’s shiver of fear or sensed her anxiety or hesitation, Helen didn’t know. However she gasped as Daphne Dervillier’s whip lashed her hard between the shoulders. The lash forced Helen into full run tossing aside any hesitation she may have had. Helen cleared hurdle nineteen stumbling slightly but keeping her feet. Daphne Dervillier’s whip kept Helen at a full run as the short gap closed between the nineteenth and twentieth hurdle.

You can do it Golden Blaize”, Daphne Dervillier said as she ran beside Helen. “You can do it little pony”, she added her voice thick with excitement. Helen raced on and cleared the last hurdle to her delight and great relief. She then sprinted for the finishing line to get as fast a time as possible, with the only clear round so far. Daphne Dervillier had a broad smile on her face as they crossed the finish line convinced they had done enough to with the last event and take first prize in the Gymkhana.

Daphne Dervillier trotted along with Helen guiding her to the paddock to watch and see how the last two ponies would do. Both were on the same points and either could win, but only if they completed a clear round in a faster time. No mean feat as Helen had the only clear round in the hurdle race so far. “That was a good round Golden Blaize, but it cold have been faster”, Daphne Dervillier said as they watched and waited for the next pony to start. “Lets hope it was good enough”, Daphne Dervillier added. Helen shivered detecting the cold menace in Daphne Dervillier’s voice.

A small slim pony waited with her mistress she looked small and fragile but Helen knew it was deceiving as the pony had done well in every event and was only just behind her on points. At the signal the pony set off at a brisk trot but her mistress quickly had her running almost flat out towards the first hurdle. Helen watched the pony clearing the hurdles her heart beating rapidly in her chest, from the exertion of the hurdles, anxiety of waiting to see if the pony would beat her time.

At the half way point it certainly looked like the little pony was going to do it. However her mistress pushed her too hard and she caught the twelfth hurdle then knocked over the next two as well putting her out of the reckoning and well down the ratings list.

Helen was relieved, but she also felt sorry for the little pony, who had tried her best and would no doubt be well punished for her mistake. Helen watched the last pony move up to the start position with her mistress. This pony was large and heavy set and looked cumbersome but she was far from it. A heavyset blonde German pony had a fast speed and a graceful agility. She set off at a quick pace clearing the hurdles easily as if they were no trouble at all. She was three quarters of the way round and still clear and marginally ahead of Golden Blaize’s time. Helen fretted as the large blonde German pony cleared each successive hurdle. She was now only three hurdles from home.

The large blonde German pony cleared the eighteenth Hurled and raced towards the nineteenth. But somehow in her haste she misjudged her leap and her foot caught the hurdle. Her foot tipped the hurdle over and tripped her as well. She went down and hit the ground hard, rolling over a few times before getting to her feet and stumbling on. Her Mistress and expatriate German woman was furious and laid her whip to the blonde ponies back as she leapt the last two hurdles. “Well done that means we have won first prize little pony”, Daphne Dervillier said patting Helen on the head.

Daphne Dervillier and golden Blaize have one the hurdle race with the only clear round”, Angelica Martin the woman president of the US human equestrian society announced over the loud speakers. “That means on points and merit that Daphne Dervillier and Golden Blaize are also the over all winners", ”he added. There were loud applause and cheers for the winners. "If Daphne Dervillier and Golden Blaize would make their way to the winners enclosure", ” Angelica Martin president of the US human equestrian society stated. "I will take great pleasure in awarding them first prize", she added. "OK lets go, and trot proudly or you will be sorry", Daphne Dervillier whispered in Helen's ear.

Helen trotted in front of Daphne Dervillier head held high as they made their way to the winners enclosure. Anglica Martin along with the rest of the organising committee of the US human equestrian society were waiting. “Well done Daphne Dervillier you have fine pony in Golden Blaize”, Angelica Martin said. “Also well done Golden Blaize”, she added. At the moment another female member of the US human equestrian society Geraldine Barbar the vice president stepped forward she was holding a large floral reef with a Rosette with a figure one on it for first prize.

Honoured members and ladies and gentlemen it gives me great pleasure to present the owner and pony with their winning reef and rosette", Angelica Martin said. Daphne Dervillier clicked her heals and Helen stood to attention upright, her head raised proudly. Geraldine Barbar hung the reef over Helen head and there was a loud ripple of applause from the crowd. “Thank you honoured members of the US human equestrian society and ladies and gentlemen”, Daphne Dervillier said. “It is a very proud day for Golden Blaize and I, she has trained very hard for this day and deserves the honour”, Daphne Dervillier added. The crowd clapped and cheered again.

Now to reward my little pony in the appropriate manner”, Daphne Dervillier said. She took a lump of sugar out of her coat pocket and held in front of Helen’s mouth. “Enjoy your little treat Golden Blaize”, Daphne Dervillier said. Helen obediently opened her mouth and Daphne Dervillier dropped the lump of sugar in. Helen’s body flushed in embarrassment as she was forced to accept a titbit from her mistress in front of the crowd. “Honoured members and ladies and gentlemen that concludes today’s Gymkhana”, Angelica Martin said. “I would jut like to say to any honoured members that they are free to examine Golden Blaize”, Daphne Dervillier announced.

Helen was then forced to endure the indignity of being examined by any member of US human equestrian society who wanted to. They pinched, poked and probed every part of her body for over an hour commenting on her health and fitness. Her teeth were checked time and time again by members commenting just how good they were. Fingers pinched and squeezed her nipples until they were hard and erect. The members would have stuck their fingers in her cunt and up her arse if she’s not had a dildo and vibrators inserted in both.

Ariel and Annabelle the twins her stable hands stood by smiling as the members closely examined Helen’s body. The could see Helen face going red as the constant poking caressing and pinching of her virtually naked body made her excited. Helen suddenly felt a tingling in her cunt that slowly increased in speed. The twins smile broadened as the watched Helen start to squirm as the vibrations in her cunt got faster, and made her more excited. Then a tingling in her arse started as well, rapidly increasing in speed to match the one throbbing wildly in her cunt. Both vibrators quickly had Helen gasping with excitement.

The champion pony is hot and excited, she likes to be touched”, a female member said who was still examining her. She squeezed Helen’ nipples hard making Helen shudder. Suddenly the vibrators were turned to full speed driving Helen wild with excitement. The female member squeezed and pinched Helen’s nipples hard and it was just too much. Helen screamed into her bit as her cunt exploded and hot juices leaked out from around the dildo inserted in her cunt and ran slowly down her thighs. The female member didn’t stop teasing Helen’s nipples and the vibrations kept going at full speed, ensuring that Helen suffered a long draining orgasm.

The orgasm seemed to go on forever totally sapping Helen’s strength, and she was already weary from the Gymkhana. Helen groaned and dropped to her knees too weary to stand. Helen’s long draining orgasm continued sapping more of her rapidly depleting strength. The orgasm finally ended, and Helen slumped to the ground exhausted and moaning weakly. “You are one hot fit little pony”, the female member said. “I’m almost tempted to buy you, if you were for sale”, she added as she walked off leaving Helen slumped on the ground.

Tears rolled down Helen cheeks, she was treated as and considered little more than a prize animal. Helen was worked, raced, punished, rewarded, excited or frustrated all at her owners and her two sadistic stable girls fancy. Her thoughts or desires didn’t count she was a slave, … property, .. owned. Helen hated her new life and knew she had to do something to escape it or die. “Get up little pony time to go home where we can reward you properly”, Annabelle ordered. “Yes get up lazy little pony”, Ariel said kicking Helen in the side.

Helen grunted and struggled wearily to her feet. Ariel attached a leash to Helen’s bridal and led Helen back to her horse box. Helen stumbled after the twins weak and exhausted all the time racking her brain trying to work out a way to escape. The twins ushered her up the ramp into the horse box and closed the door locking it in place. It was not like a conventional horse box, the back door was full height with nowhere for the horse to look over or be seen by. An important feature as only members of the US human equestrian society considered it normal and acceptable to own human pony slaves. Also it prevented a desperate escape attempt by the human pony.

See you back at the ranch”, Annabelle said to her sister. “Yes we will get there before you in the Bentley”, Ariel replied. The door slammed and the engine started. Helen was heading back to her owners ranch with no way out. Helen sobbed hating herself as the horse box bumped along taking her back to her Daphne Dervillier’s ranch. It had been a hot day at the Gymkhana it was even hotter in the stuffy dark horse box. There was little air coming in and the temperature was high. Sweat poured of Helen’s body as sat in the straw as the horse box bumped along.

It was hot enough in the town and on the freeway. But when they turned off the free way onto the dirt roads through the desert surrounding Daphne Dervillier’s it became unbearable. The heat was stifling dust kicked up by the Daphne Dervillier’s Bentley driving in front, entered the horse box. The choking dust and heat made it even more uncomfortable for Helen. It took nearly an hour to traverse the dirt roads by which time Helen was so hot and very weary from choking on the thick dust that she had slumped flat in the straw and lay there barley conscious.

Just when Helen thought she could stand no more and would pass out completely, the horse box turned into Daphne Dervillier’s Ranch and stopped by the stables. The back door was and loading ramp was lowered filling the horse box with bright sunshine. Helen squinted trying to see in the bright light after spending so long inside the dim horse box. “Come out little pony, your home again”, Ariel said as she stood in doorway. Helen stared blindly for a few seconds until he eyes got used to the bright sunshine. Ariel was standing there with her sister Annabelle and Daphne Dervillier. “Yes hurry up little pony”, Annabelle stated tapping the toe of her riding boot on the ground. Helen groaned and staggered to her feet and stumbled out of the horse box. She was hot, sweaty, and covered in dry dust. Helen’s golden locks were soaking wet and plastered to her forehead. Helen was so thirsty her tongue was hanging out, she felt weak and dehydrated.

Golden Blaize looks a little hot and bothered”, Daphne Dervillier remarked. “Oh dear was it to hot and dusty for you little pony?”, Ariel asked in mock concern. “Yes I need some water please”, Helen replied as she stumbled off the loading ramp and collapsed at their feet. “Water, you want water little pony, I’m sure I can help you there”, Annabelle stated. Annabelle picked a hose that was coiled up by the stable walls and pointed the end at Helen. “Yes wash Golden Blaize down but remove her leather harness first”, Daphne Dervillier said. “Oh yes silly me, I wouldn’t want to have to dry and clean that tonight”, Annabelle replied. “Oh let me do it”, Ariel said stepping forward.

Would you sister dear”, Annabelle replied. “Stand up little pony”, Ariel ordered. Helen groaned but somehow managed to get to her feet. She stood swaying unsteadily, feeling weak and light headed. Ariel removed Helen’s black leather bridle and body harness. She took great delight in slowly and deliberately pulling the dildos out of Helen’s cunt and arse.

Helen shuddered moaning weakly as the dildos were slowly withdrawn from her cunt and arse. Ariel finally removed Helen boots and stood back. The excitement of having the dildos removed so torturously slow was just too much for Helen and she dropped back down exhausted onto the ground. “Be a dear Ariel and turn on the water?”, Annabelle asked. “Of course its my pleasure”, Ariel replied walking to the tap and turning it full on. A fierce jet of water shot out of the end of the hose pipe and showered Helen as she knelt panting on the loading ramp.

Helen gasped in shock as she was hit by a jet of cold water. Although the water was very cold it made her feel better washing the sweat and grime off her body. However Annabelle didn’t stop she just kept the hose on Helen until she was so cold her whole body shivered and her teeth chattered even though she was in the afternoon hot sun.

Good when she is clean bring her the black smiths forge”, Daphne Dervillier stated then turned and walked away. Helen gasped and shivered and tried to crawl away crawling off the loading ramp. Annabelle just followed her keeping the hose on Helen’s naked body. Annabelle moved right round Helen ensuring she covered every inch of Helen’s body with the freezing cold water. “That looks like fun can I have a go?”, Ariel asked. “Of course please do”, Annabelle replied handing the hose pipe to her twin sister. Ariel beamed with pleasure as she turned the hose on Helen. “I bet the little pony doesn’t like it on her tits”, Ariel said smiling as she kept the water trained on Helen’s breasts.

See if you can get her in the cunt”, Annabelle suggested. “Should be a piece of cake”, Ariel replied. Helen shuddered rolling one way then the other, trying to shield herself and escape the freezing water blasting her naked body. “But it was hopeless whenever she moved Ariel moved with her keeping the freezing cold water splashing on her body. Ariel was even more cruel than her sister, concentrating on Helen’s breasts and cunt. The freezing cold water made Helen shiver but it was worst on her breasts and cunt. Her nipples were very hard sticking out like organ stops. Constant cold water lashing her cunt was sending cold aches through Helen’s body freezing her to the marrow. The cold got so bad she lost control of her bladder and pissed herself.

Tears of frustration and embarrassment ran down Helen’s cheeks as she pissed herself and she wondered how much more she could take. Just when Helen thought she couldn’t take any more, she was shivering badly and her skin turning blue, the water stopped. Helen lay crumpled on the ground coughing and gasping, her body dripping wet. “I bet the little pony isn’t as hot and bothered now”, Ariel said to her sister with a wicked grin. “Yes and she’s now nice and clean perfect for the black smith”, Annabelle replied.

Yes get up little pony we are taking you to the black smith”, Ariel ordered. Helen moaned and struggled to her feet. “Stand still while we put your harnesses and bridle back on”, she added. Helen stood as still as she could while Ariel and Annabelle dressed her in her black leather bridle and body harnesses. It wasn't easy, Helen was still dripping wet and shivering from the cold. The two dildos were inserted first one in her cunt the other up her arse. Helen gasped catching her breath as they were both pushed all the way home.

The body Harness followed, a steel ring was cunning situated over her cunt and arse to keep the dildos pressed tightly into Helen’s cunt and arse. They were adjusted by straps running up to the thick leather band round her waist. Ariel and Annabelle adjusted the straps to press the dildos tightly in place, enjoying the way they made Helen squirm. Ariel and Annabelle forced Helen’s arms behind her back and laced them up in two black leather gauntlets that clipped together at the wrists to keep Helen’s arms behind her back. A horsetail made out of her own hair was clipped to the ring over Helen’s arse. It was quite heavy dragged down on the dildo pushing it in and out with every movement of her body.

The bridle was fitted next and a bit pressed into Helen’s mouth then clipped in place. Annabelle and Ariel, then meticulously brushed and straightened Helen’s hair back into her mane. One long blond ponytail trailed behind and two plumes stuck up and out above. “Mmmm just perfect little pony”, Annabelle said stepping back looking Helen up and down. “Yes come on little pony time for you to meet the black smith”, Ariel said clipping a leash to Helen’s bridle and leading her forward.

They took Helen to the black smiths forge, a place she had seen but had not been to so far. The double doors were open and the twins led Helen inside. The black smith a heavily muscle man was toiled at the forge hammering some red hot metal. He was stripped to the waist wearing a leather apron, sweat beaded on his muscled body as he beat the hot metal against the anvil. This was the first male Helen had seen at Daphne Dervillier’s ranch beside Diablo who was another pony slave. Helen became very conscious of her virtually naked body. Daphne Dervillier was standing next to the black smith. “Ah Golden Blaize refreshed and feeling better I presume”, Daphne Dervillier said looking up as the twins entered with Helen.

The black smith looked up and smiled when he saw Helen and her nearly naked body. Helen blushed turning red as the black smith stared at her. “A fine looking champion pony girl you have Miss Dervillier”, the black smith said. “Why thank you Johnson Golden Blaize certainly is a fine pony girl, she won first prize in the Gymkhana”, Daphne Dervillier replied. “I have every hope she will be a champion”, Daphne Dervillier added. “I’m sure if you can’t make her a champion then no-one can Miss Dervillier”, the black smith said. “We shall see Johnson”, Daphne Dervillier replied. She has won my gratitude for coming first and had passed her first milestone”, Daphne Dervillier added.

I see, well I’ve already got them warming in the forge”, the black smith said. “ A few pumps of on the bellows will get it up to temperature”, he added working the bellows. Helen didn’t like the way they talked about her as if she wasn’t there, or even more annoying she didn’t count. “Well done Golden Blaize you have passed your first milestone on the road to becoming my champion pony girl slave”, Daphne Dervillier said to Helen. “Johnson the black smith will now mark you with my brand, a great honour, not every pony I own gets branded, it is a very selective brand”, Daphne Dervillier added.

Mmmm perfect”, the black smith said lifting the red hot glowing branding iron out of the fire. “I think you better hold her girls she won’t like being branded”, he added. Helen looked in horror at the burning branding iron and shook her head. “No you can’t its inhuman”, Helen said fear welling up in her as she backed away. “It would be inhuman if you were a human and not my pony girl slave Golden Blaize”, Daphne Dervillier stated. “OK hold her still”, Daphne Dervillier ordered. Ariel and Annabelle seized Helen’s arms and bent her over the anvil. “No,.. no, … please don’t”, Helen scream struggling hard as the black smith moved the glowing branding iron towards her right thigh. “Keep still Golden Blaize or you will spoil your brand”, Daphne Dervillier said stepping forward she was carrying her horse crop. “No you can’t you can’t Helen screamed feeling the heat of the branding iron as the black smith held it close to her thigh.

Show it to her Johnson”, Daphne Dervillier stated. “Yes Miss Dervillier”, the black smith replied. He held the glowing brand in front of Helen’s face so she could get a good look at it. The brand consisted of two capital ‘D’s in flowing script, one set over the other slightly offset. The two ‘D’s denoting Daphne Dervillier. “It’s a beautiful brand Golden Blaize how dare you object”, Daphne Dervillier said as Helen stared at the glowing branding iron. “How could you be so ungrateful after all I’ve done for you Golden Blaize?”, Daphne Dervillier asked. Helen shivered in fear detecting the menace in Daphne Dervillier’s voice. Helen knew she faced a dilemma she really didn’t want to be branded it was just another form of degradation and humiliation, but she dare not refuse that would be very dangerous.

Sorry Mistress”, Helen replied her voice catching in her throat. “Please brand me”, she added almost choking on the words. “Thank you little pony”, Daphne Dervillier said with a satisfied smile. “OK if you please Johnson”, Daphne Dervillier said nodding to the black smith. The black smith pressed the glowing Branding iron against Helen’s right thigh. Helen screamed, as the burning brand touched her thigh. Smoke rose from the branding iron as it burnt Helen’s skin. The smell of burnt flesh filled the forge. "Ohhh yes a perfect brand"” the black smith said as he pulled the branding iron off Helen'’ thigh. There was a perfectly formed over lapping double D burnt into Helen'’ right thigh. "Yes it is very good", Daphne Dervillier said as she examined Helen's new brand. "Excellent work Johnson”, she added.

Ariel and Annabelle pulled Helen weeping back to her stable. The twins removed her bridle and the wicked dildos out of her cunt arse. Helen was relieved to have the dildos out of her cunt and arse, also the vicious clips off her nipples. Although now she had second thoughts about that, wincing as the blood returned to her nipples making them ache badly. Ariel buckled a leather slave collar round Helen’s neck with a ‘D’ ring on the front. The twins then threw her onto the straw on the floor.

Rest and refresh yourself while you can little pony”, Ariel said. “We will be back later to take you your massage and rub down”, she added. “Yes little pony rest while you can”, Annabelle said as she fed a length of chain connected to a post in the wall through the eye hole Helen’s waist belt of chain and clipped it tot the ’D’ ring on her slave collar. “We don’t want you running away little pony do we”, she added. Helen stared angrily at them as they left locking the lower stable door behind them.

That’s exactly what Helen wanted to do, no needed desperately to do, escape this hell. It was also the one thing she couldn’t do, not chained up as she was like and animal. Helen cried miserably in the straw felling so helpless and with so little hope of things improving. She cried for a little while, then realised she was very hungry and thirsty. Helen crawled towards her feeding trough it was filled with the unappetising gruel mixture. However Helen was far too hungry to turn her nose up and leant over the trough scooping up handful after handful of the cold lumpy gruel.

Helen contemplated her miserable existence as a human pony slave as she scooped up handfuls of gruel. She was treated no better than a domestic animal. Helen was chained like an animal and forced to eat from a trough like an animal. Water was in an up turned bottle with a spout, again just like animal was watered. Her stable was Spartan, straw on the floor and a bucket for a toilet with one thin mattress with a pillow no cover just straw. Helen knew she was acting like the animal she was treated like gulping her food down as she leant over the trough. It spilled onto her face and breasts making her feel even more miserable.

Helen glanced back and stared at her brand on her right thing it was clearly visible and it still hurt even though she had splashed a lot of cold water on it. A large ancient script D set over a slightly smaller ancient script D indicating she was owned by Daphne Dervillier. Tears rolled down Helen’s cheeks and mingled with the gruel dripping off her chin. She was now branded like an animal. How could this happen in modern day America. Helen vowed she would escape what ever it took. She kept saying this to herself as she lay down on her mattress until she fell asleep. Helen slept for a couple of hours lost in dreams of escaping and returning to her old life as Olympic athlete.

Helen was rudely awakened by Ariel kicking her side. “Wake up little pony wake up”, Ariel said kicking Helen in the ribs. “Its time for your rub down and massage”, she added. Helen groaned and struggled to her knees, she had slept heavily and was trying to clear her foggy head. “Up little pony, … get up”, Annabelle said as she stood beside her twin. Helen shook her head a scrambled to her feet. The twins were dressed in then low cut and very short nurses smocks. The twins took her to the treatment room a room she feared since having several painful injections there at the twins’ hands.

The room was painted white like a hospital room and was devoid of all furniture save a low table come couch for pony slaves to lie on while being treated. Also a low cabinet containing equipment and every thing needed to treat a human pony slave. The only other thing in the room was low open bath to wash human pony slaves in. Helen was taken straight to the low bath and washed down by the twins. They used a shamy leather a rough sponge the scrub Helen’s skin paying particular attention to her crotch and breasts. She was then dried briskly with rough scratchy towels before being laid of the couch.

The twins then rubbed oil into Helen’s skin and massage her body from head to foot. Helen really liked this part of her treatment taking away all her stiffness and aches and pains. The twins worked together on separate parts of Helen’s body. They had expert hands and eyes inspecting her body as they massaged it, giving extra treatment to any stiff limb or muscle. “The little prize pony likes her treatment”, Ariel said as she massaged Helen’ shoulders. “Yes she does now but will she in a minute?”, Annabelle asked as she massaged Helen’s left foot. “Of course she will she’s a hot little pony who like to be excited”, Ariel replied. “She responds well but she doesn’t like it”, Annabelle remarked. “But that makes it even more enjoyable”, she added.

Helen had been lying face down with her eyes closed enjoying her massage. Helen opened them with a start as she heard Ariel’s reply and felt Ariel’s fingers running down her spine toward her buttocks. Annabelle’s hands started to move up her leg toward her crotch. Helen stiffened but couldn’t help trembling slightly. “Yes little pony we know you like it”, Ariel said running her hands over Helen’s buttocks and kneading them. “Yes you are one hot little pony”, Annabelle said reaching between Helen’s legs. Helen gasped as Annabelle pushed her right thumb and forefinger into Helen arse and cunt.

Yes little pony its time to test your reactions”, Annabelle said as she probed and teased Helen cunt and arse with her thumb and forefinger. Helen moaned softly as Annabelle’s finger and thumb aroused making her shiver with excitement. Ariel continued to caress Helen’s arse, then running her hands down between Helen’s thigh and back up again. The twins probing stroking hands teased Helen mercilessly rushing her head long towards a shattering orgasm. Helen tried to resist, but the more she tried to concentrate her mind the more excited she became. “Yes the little ponies reaction are hot”, Ariel said smiling at her sister. “Yes and very quick”, Annabelle replied smiling back.

Helen just couldn’t resist any longer the twins hands were insatiable and her resistance collapsed, Helen twisted and shuddered in excitement as the twins continued to tease her. “Yes come for us little pony, come now”, Annabelle said pushing her forefinger deep into Helen’s cunt while twisting her thumb right round in Helen’s arse. This was just too much for Helen and she gasped loudly, as a fierce orgasm tore through her body. Helen screamed as Ariel slapped her hard across the buttocks. Ariel soundly spanked Helen’s buttocks turning them red, while Annabelle continued to finger fuck Helen’s cunt and arse. Between them the twins ensured Helen suffered a long exhausting orgasm.

Helen pressed her face into the towel covering couch and clawed it with both hands as a violent orgasm tore through her body. The twins didn’t stop and Helen didn’t either, and she just kept coming until she thought she was going to die, her heart was being that fast and she felt so weak. The long draining orgasm finally ended and she slumped limp and exhausted on the couch, the towel covering it now soaked with her sexual juices. “My you are a hot little pony”, Ariel said. “Yes our little pony did well, coming very long and hard”, Annabelle stated. “But is she hot enough to do it again”, she added.

No god no, ….. I can’t”, Helen moaned weakly horrified at the thought of being made to come again, so shortly after suffering such a violent draining orgasm. “Oh but you can little pony, … we insist”, Annabelle replied taking hold of Helen’s legs. “Yes we insist little pony”, Ariel said grabbing Helen’s shoulders. The twins rolled Helen over onto her back. Helen was too weak to offer any resistance and didn’t dare defy the twins. She knew they would do to her what ever they had in mind anyway and punish he as well.

I think our little pony needs much more stimulation this time”, Annabelle said flicking Helen’s hard nipples with her fingers. “Oh yes she does”, Ariel replied picking up vibrator of the cupboard top. It was seven inches long, with a inch and half girth, it had a curly electrical cable coming out of its base. “Yes little pony you’re going to love this”, Ariel said holding the vibrator in front of Helen’s face. “Its plugged into the mains and has a extra powerful motor for extra stimulation”, Ariel added. “Yes this will make you come, and come, little pony”, Annabelle said as continued to flick Helen’s nipples making Helen catch her breath.

I’m going to fuck you with this little point until you come so hard you pass out”, Ariel said lubricating the vibrator. Helen shook her head sighing deeply she was weary after just suffering a long shattering orgasm, and the twins were going to make her come again. “Oh please let me do it too her?”, Annabelle asked. “OK be my guest sister dear”, Ariel said handing Annabelle the vibrator. “I’ll use this on the little ponies arse”, Ariel added taking large black rubber dildo out of the top draw of the cupboard. “Mmmm, long big and very thick”, Annabelle said with a sigh as she watched her twin lubricate the large black dildo.

Open your legs wide little pony”, Ariel ordered. Helen opened her legs wide and shivered in fear as she saw the large black dildo moving toward her arse. The black dildo was nine inches long and about two inches in diameter. “Thank you little pony”, Annabelle said pushing the vibrator into Helen’s cunt. Helen moaned as the vibrator was pushed all the way into her cunt. “Did you like that little pony, well you’ll love this then”, Ariel said pushing the head of the large black dildo into Helen’s arse. Helen winced as the large black invader spread and stretched her anal muscles.

Ariel kept pushing slowly forcing the large black dildo all the way home. Helen flinched, clawing at the towel as the large dildo spread her wide and filling her arse until she thought it would split her wide open. “The little hot pony loves it”, Annabelle said reaching across and switching the vibrator on. “OOOOOh”, Helen gasped as the vibrator buzzed into life in her cunt. “Yes, little pony that will excite you, it only has one speed, very fast”, Ariel said as Helen reacted to the vibrations exciting her cunt. “Ooooooh,, ….. nooo”, Helen moaned as the rapidly relentless vibrations really started to excite her. “Yes little pony, yes come for us again”, Ariel said pushing the vibrator in and out of Helen’s cunt.

Annabelle eased the large black dildo out of Helen’s arse, making her wince again as it painfully stretched her anal muscles. Annabelle smiled then drove the dildo right back in again. The twins started to fuck Helen, Ariel with the vibrator in Helen’s cunt and Annabelle with the large black dildo in Helen’s arse. “Our favourite pass time sister, double fucking a female pony slave”, Ariel said pressing the large black dildo rapidly in and out of Helen’s arse. “Yes sister, I like draining our pony slaves dry”, Annabelle replied, her hand driving the vibrator rapidly in and out of Helen’s cunt.

The twins relentlessly fucked Helen with dildo and vibrator driving her wild with excitement. “Ohhhhh, …no,”, Helen moaned writhing and twisting wildly as the twins rapidly fucked her towards another shattering orgasm. “Yes hot little pony, come for us again”, Ariel said fiendishly driving the large black dildo in and out of Helen’s arse. “Come on pony, come, …. come now”, Annabelle demanded slamming the throbbing vibrator deep into Helen’s cunt then yanking it all the way out, before ramming it back in. “Ooooohh, .Ohhhh, ..noo, ,…nooooo”, Helen gasped sensing her imminent orgasm, and she was already weary from her first forced orgasm.

Come now, …. come now”, the twins shouted together grabbing and pinching Helen’s nipples. “Noooooooo”, Helen screamed as her cunt exploded shooting hot juices out over the vibrator and onto the towel. The twins didn’t top fucking Helen they kept up their relentless double fucking determined to make her second forced orgasm even more exhausting then the first. Helen twisted and writhed helplessly caught in the throws of her second exhausting draining orgasm.

Our hot little pony comes well”, Ariel said. “And fast”, Ariel added pulling the large dildo out of Helen’s arse. “Yes, very fast”, Annabelle replied easing the vibrator out of Helen’s cunt. “I know, lets see if we can make her come even faster”, Annabelle suggested. “Good idea sister”, Ariel replied. “Lets swap places”, I want to fuck our little ponies cunt with the big black dildo”, Ariel added. “Yes it will be fun pushing the vibrator up her arse at full speed”, Annabelle stated.

Oh please no, … no again”, Helen croaked hoarsely. Helen was now very tired and weak, the two shattering orgasms having taken their toll. “Oh yes little pony we are going to fuck you unconscious”, Annabelle said. “Yes little pony if I owned you I’d be sorely tempted to fuck you death”, Ariel stated her eyes glazed with excitement. “Yes it is a pity we can’t”, Annabelle said agreeing with her twin. “But we may be able to run her to death yet”, she added.

Ariel pressed the head of the large black dildo into Helen’s cunt making her gasp as it stretched her cunt muscles. Ariel pressed harder forcing the dildo deeper into Helen’s cunt. Helen moaned as the large black invader bore deeper into her cunt spreading her wider and wider. Ariel didn’t stop until she had forced the large dildo all the way home. Helen’s Body shook as she was forced to take the full length of the large black dildo. Her cunt was now filled deeper and wider than she thought possible. Helen shuddered shaking her head in disbelief, she had been forced to take the large black rubber dildo all the way up her arse and now all the way deep into her cunt.

As Helen was still trying to come to terms with the big black dildo spreading her cunt wide, Annabelle pressed the vibrator up her arse. It wasn’t as large as the black rubber dildo and slipped in easily. Annabelle pressed it all the way home drawing an excited gasp from Helen as it bore into her arse. It wasn’t the size or length that excited Helen, it was the fast relentless vibrations. The vibrator seemed to surge in swift cycles and it quickly had Helen's anal muscles surging in the same swift cycles. Helen moaned gasping in excitement as the vibrator took control of her body driving her wild with arousal.

Our hot little pony likes the vibrator up her arse”, Annabelle said as Helen writhed helplessly on the couch. Annabelle moved her hands up Helen’s writhing, sweating body, and started to caress Helen’s breasts. Annabelle wickedly teased Helen’s breasts, pinching and squeezing them between her fingers. “Ohh, no, …. please, ….. please”, Helen moaned breathlessly. “Yes little pony come hard, ….come now”, Annabelle replied really going to work on Helen’s nipples. All the time the vibrator surged away in Helen’s cunt making more and more excited. Helen was too weak and excited to resist, the vibrator and Annabelle’s hands were driving her to another shattering orgasm.

Ariel left the large black dildo buried deep in Helen’s cunt filling it and spreading it wide. Ariel had been content to watch her sister drive Helen towards another orgasm, with her skilful hands and the relentless vibrator. Ariel waited patiently for the right moment. When Ariel was sure Helen was at her weakest and most excited, she eased the black dildo out of Helen’s cunt. A violent shudder tore through Helen’s body as Ariel slowly withdrew the large black dildo. “Easy little pony I’m not taking it away”, Ariel said. Far from it”, she added slamming the large black dildo right back into Helen’s cunt.

Helen screamed in excitement as the large black dildo was slammed back into her cunt. “Yes little pony you like this big black cock don’t you”, Ariel said as she started to fuck Helen with the large black dildo. Ariel drove the dildo in and out of Helen’s cunt rapidly picking up speed until she was matching her twin sisters speed with the vibrator. Helen moaned writhing in excitement as she was fucked hard and fast by the twins.

The twins really went to work on Helen fucking her hard. Annabelle drove the vibrator rapidly in and out of Helen’s arse, while her sister Ariel rammed the large black dildo in and out of Helen’s cunt. Helen gasped breathlessly, flinching and twisting on the couch. She was sweating and exhausted as the vibrator and dildo drove her wild with excitement. “Ooooh no, …. nooooo, … nooooo”, Helen moaned helplessly as the twins rushed her to another shattering orgasm. “Yes little pony time to come again”, Ariel said sensing imminent orgasm. “Yes little pony come now, ….. now”, Annabelle shouted pressing the vibrator or the way home and keeping it there.

That was the last straw for Helen’s highly aroused and totally exhausted body. The relentless and irresistible vibrations pushed Helen over the edge. Helen screamed as her cunt exploded and her hot juices poured out of her cunt onto the towel. The twins kept on fucking Helen’s arse and cunt with the vibrator and dildo ensuring she suffered a long draining orgasm. The orgasm was so violent and Helen was so weak and exhausted, that she passed out. Darkness overtook and engulfed Helen like a wave over a rock. She remembered know more until she came round later in her stable.

By Friar FFF Copyright 2000.

This is an extract from a longer story the full version is available from battle-annals and is illustrated by the artist JG